The Montana Wagyu Cattle Company is a family owned and operated business that is run from the ranch in the Gallatin Valley
of Southwestern Montana.
We are not just some
distributor or marketing 
outfit but the folks who
raise the cattle and are
personally committed to
the process from calving
to serving.
Our all natural, antibiotic-free, hormone free Wagyu beef is raised in the finest Japanese tradition of grass and whole grains right here in Montana. In fact all aspects of the operation: breeding, raising, finishing, processing and packing are done in Montana.

We offer USDA inspected “Prime +” Artisan quality Wagyu beef that is consistently reviewed by chefs and consumers as the best beef that they have ever eaten.  Furthermore, our beef is USDA gradeA carcass maturity which gives it a firm, fine textured, bright red cherry color. Add to this that the whole carcass is dry aged for 30-35 days (not just certain cuts), and you can see why our steaks, roast,and specialty cuts,as well as ground Wagyu are truly a cut above
When you taste our beef we are confident
that you will experience the same high level
of satisfaction as we experience providing it
to you.